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The African Handball Confederation (CAHB) has the pleasure of informing the national member federations that the draw for the 21st Men’s and Women’ Seniors Africa Nations Cup will take place next 09th October 2013 at 10 o’clock in the conference room of the Olympic stadium of 5th July of Algeria (Algeria).

The ceremony will be presided by Dr. Aremou Mansourou and will be conducted by Mr. Meskouri Rachid, member of the Commission of the Organization of the Competitions (COC/CAHB) and Mr. Yazid Souadi, President of the Commission of the Development (CD/CAHB).

There will be Twelve (12) men’s teams and Eight (8 )women’s teams:

Algeria-Tunisia-Egypta-Morocco-Senegal-Angola-Congo-Cameroon-Gabon- Democratic Republic of Congo-Nigeria-Libya
Pays of reserve : Burkina Faso

Algerie-Angola-Tunisia- Democratic Republic of Congo -Cameroon-Congo-Guinea-Senegal

Championnat du Monde Seniors Hommes
Du 15 janvier-1 février 2014
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